GMAT Pill Practice Test

  • 2.5 Hour Timed GMAT Practice Test (IR, Quant, Verbal)
  • Performance Reports and Industry-First Timing Charts
  • Up to 5 attempts and ability to resume
  • Chrome Browser required for math formulas to display accurately

Real GMAT Test Interface

  • Mimicks visual look of real GMAT
  • Computer Adaptive
  • Confirm each answer before moving on
  • Ability to Resume
Simulate the real exam by sitting through one of GMATPill's practice exams. The interface is real-like and the test is computer adaptive. At the end, you'll receive your score out of 800, as well as your IR score. Both scores are required for business school admissions.

Industry-first Timing Charts

  • Visualize where you are falling behind
  • Color-coded table and charts to diagnose your speed problems
  • Find out whether you are falling behind and need help
Pacing is extremely important. Many GMAT test takers do fine before the exam, but when taking the GMAT exam, their timing is off and they don't finish the exam. It's important to be aware of this BEFORE the exam, not after when you see your low score and have to consider retaking. If you see red marks, changes are you need to find a strategy to improve your efficiency.

Question Database with Community Support

  • Ask questions and learn from others
  • Hundreds of Practice Questions
  • Hundreds of Community Comments
When it comes to practice questions, there is no better online GMAT resource than the Practice Pill Platform. With community support and involvement by Zeke and the GMATPill Team, you ask your questions and discuss why certain answers are wrong and why are certain ones are correct. The ability to study off a resource that is "supported" is an industry-first.

GMAT Pill Practice Test FAQ

Is the GMAT Pill Practice Test computer adaptive?

Yes. The real GMAT Exam will be computer adaptive and this GMAT Pill Practice Test uses a computer adaptive algorithm. Upon answering questions correctly, you'll have a high probability of getting questions of higher difficulty. Likewise, upon answering questions incorrectly, the probability of getting a question of lower difficulty is increased. This applies for the 65 min Verbal and 65 min Quant sections, but NOT for the 30 min Integrated Reasoning section. For IR, the 12 questions are predetermined and you will receive them in sequential order, regardless of your accuracy.

Is the GMAT Pill Practice Test free?

The GMAT Pill Practice Test is a free addition to the GMAT Pill Online course. All existing paid members have access. That said, if you are a new user and have yet to discover the top-rated online course (GMATPill), which boasts rave reviews from students helping them psychologically and strategically score above their normal GMAT score range, then you can click the "Signup Free" button above.

Clicking this button will send you to the signup page with the coupon code applied for the GMATPill Free Diagnostic Practice Test. Take this chance to learn more about the course and the wall of testimonials on the home page. That's right, no other prep service has the confidence to display their successful students right on their home page. Then, simply continue filling out the form and you will be redirected to an "Access Granted" page. Login and you'll see the button to start your practice test.

What browser should I use?

We recommend using the Google Chrome Browser. Other browsers (Firefox) may at times not load the Math formulas correctly as it has a strict same-origin policy for cross-domain scripting. This causes it to time out waiting for web-based fonts to arrive. IE9 has this problem but not as extreme as Firefox. For this reason, we recommend using Google Chrome which does not appear to have the problem of loading the math symbols.

How long is the GMAT Pill Practice Test?

2.5 hours. The real exam is 3 hours and includes the AWA Writing Essay in the beginning. To make your life easier, we made this practice test focus on the 2.5 hours that are critical to your score. The 30 min for IR. Then the 65 min for Verbal and 62 min for Quant.

Has the test been updated to be shorter for the Apr 16, 2018 changes?

Yes, the test has been shortened to reflect the recent changes to the test.

What if I lose internet connection during my gmat practice exam?

Not to worry. GMATPill's Practice Test has a built in resume feature. If your internet connection times out, simply come back to this page by clicking the GMATPill logo icon in the top left corner. You can do this at any time to leave the exam and then click on the "Resume" button to pick up where you left off. If upon submitting your response, your connection times out and you are unable to click that link, simply refresh the page and you should be able to continue onward.

Will doing more practice tests improve my score?

Highly doubtful. Some students believe that by doing as many practice questions as they can, they can learn as they go. And therefore, their score will improve. But there's a flaw to that reasoning. And that flaw is true for a LOT of gmat test takers. Most students will find out that the GMAT test is different. They can do thousands of practice questions and they might never see their score go up. Ultimately, after going through many practice questions, students' scores hit a plateau. Usually that plateau ends up being in the high 600s -- breaking into 700+ territory seems an impossibility. Or if it does occur, it's a rare occurrence in a practice test and highly unlikely to be replicated on the actual day of the exam where the score actually counts.

What really DOES matter is your approach. When it comes down to the GMAT exam, it's really just you and that computer in front of you. Nobody is around to help you. You must rely on yourself. You must rely on your thinking. And that's what GMATPill is about -- changing the way you think. Using a foundation of frameworks and application through watch-and-learn videos, you learn this new technique in grained into your mind. Even when you take the real exam, you may have Zeke's voice in the back of your head reminding you of what you should be paying attention to.

So bottom-line, doing thousands of practice questions will NOT help you break the upper limit of your existing score range.

I'm done with my Practice Test and scored horribly. What are my next steps?

Most people will freak out when they see their diagnostic test results. They may find out they made some silly mistakes, got unbelievably tricked a few times, had a tough time, maybe ran out of time. Each raw score point counts, especially on verbal as your score gets higher.

GMATPill helps you take that next step from panic to conquest. Read more about why investing in GMATPill is a smart investment decision by continuing on below

GMAT Planning Steps

Step 1: Take a Diagnostic Test

There are two practice tests that come with the GMATPrep software from GMAC. We recommend using GMATPrep Test #1 as your first diagnostic test. This is the test that comes with the GMAT software and is created by the GMAC guys. That said, there will be moments when you still want to get more diagnostics done by going through more practice tests. At this point, you should use GMATPill's Diagnostic Test to supplement your needs here.

Step 2: Create Study Plan

After taking a diagnostic test, most students freak out by their low score. It's time to set a plan to go over silly mistakes, learn the things you don't know, and then go conquer the exam so you can have a score within your business school's range. And hey, even if you're not completely sure about business school, taking the GMAT Exam is a worth "call option" on your business career.

Creating a study plan means setting an official date and figuring out when to take the GMAT. First, learn more about test dates, then actually go ahead and schedule the exam date. Doing so will mentally commit you to spending the time to prepare. If no official date is set, then when it comes to the weekend, you'll rather go out and hang out with friends than to sit down and do some GMAT questions. So go ahead and set the official date.

Next, figure out what resources you'll use. If you follow the GMATPill Online Course, you'll already know that the two must-have resources are GMATPrep Software and the Official Guide 13th Edition (software + book).

Step 3: Invest in GMATPrep with GMATPill

Avoid retaking if this is your first GMAT attempt

Retaking the GMAT exam is a big pain. Not only did you lose out all that time preparing for the exam the first time around, you have to do it AGAIN. And now this time even more is at stake. What if you score worse than before? There goes another $250 in exam fees.

Save Yourself Time

Investing in GMAT prep your first time around can save you the big headaches later on. Everyone hates the GMAT Exam -- you just need to get your score good enough, then move on with life. Later on in the year, you'll want to focus your time doing well at work and getting that promotion (maybe?), writing great application essays, and seeking those recommendation letters. If you have invested your time and money wisely beforehand with GMATPill, you would avoid your retake by getting a solid score the first time around. Then, this gives you the time to spend on other parts of your business school application and increase your chances of getting into your dream school.

Improve Your Score

Of course, invest in GMATPill because it can actually improve your score and your reasoning skills. The lessons are all screen captures with Zeke's voice-over -- this simulates the experience of taking the exam with a smart little angel in your ear advising you. There's no better way to "learn" than to observe what Zeke is thinking when he looks at a GMAT question. Where do his eyes go? What does he read? What does he NOT read? These little twists and turns can save you tons of time. How does he quickly get to the right answer? When it comes to crunch time and you must decide, why did you choose answer choice (E) and Zeke ended up choosing answer choice (D)? All of this is easier to learn and absorb through the GMATPill videos and frameworks that were created.

Learn Conveniently

The success of the GMATPill online course has made rounds on the internet. Gone are the days of saturday classes which are extremely difficult to make while having a full-time job. They also tend to be time-consuming. Now you can study at your own pace. Previous approaches have been convenient but ineffective -- but GMATPill revolutionizes online studying by actually making it convenient AND effective. Each video is edited to save you gaps in time and each lesson focuses on thought process. Frameworks form the foundation for conquering each section, followed by practice with hundreds of questions.

We've also released mobile apps (iPhone/Android) where you can access practice questions on-the-go. The video course is also available on iPad, iPhone, and Android. When it comes to a tough job and taking the GMAT at the same time, you may find yourself preparing while in the subway, on the bus, or walking down 5th ave. In times like this, it's worth having the mobile option.

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